Oxxowin App Download | Get ₹171 Instant Bonus In APK

Hello, dear friends today we talk about the most entertaining gaming app which name is the Oxxowin App. In this app many games for playing regularly and earn more money to play it daily.The most played game inside this app whose name is Parity Game. You can earn money by predicting the colour. You get daily rewards as a bonus for checking in daily.

First of all, tell you to register in its new version ₹ 171 rupees instant bonus will be given to your wallet account. Which you can use in your games. Along with this, you can earn money by inviting referral codes in your friends.

Inside this app, you have a very easy and fast recharge and withdrawal facility, whenever you want, you can withdraw your winning amount. And you have Oxxowin App customer care full support which you can consult Oxxowin App Regarding 24/7.

You have to download the Oxxowin app on your Android device and then register etc.

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How To Download Or Install The Oxxowin App:

Step 1:First of all you have to go to the official website of the Oxxowin App.

Step 2:As soon as you open the website, the download button will appear at the bottom.

Step 3:Click on the app download button above.

Step 4:After that you will be asked about your device may be harmed Download the app and click on it anyway because it is a genuine app and it will not harm your device.

Step 5: It may take some time to download depending on your internet connection.

Step 6:After Downloading Oxxowin App Click on Install Button Will be Installed on Your Android Device.

After installing first register in the Oxxowin app then login and enjoy the games.

How To Register On The Oxxowin Apk:

Step 1: First of all open the Oxxowin app on your Android device.

Oxxowin app download

Step 2: Click on the register button.

Step 3: Enter your mobile number.

Step 4: Click on the OTP button after that verification code will come on your mobile number which you have entered in your registration, enter that verification code.

Step 5: Enter your strong password and confirm again.

Step 6: If someone has recommended Oxxowin App to you, you can enter his recommendation code, and you can also skip this step.

Step 7: Click on the I Agree with Privacy Policy.

Oxxowin APK

You have succesfully registrer on Oxxowin Apk. And You Get ₹171 starting bonus also in apk.

How To Login On The Oxxowin App:

Step 1: First of all open the Oxxowin App on your Android device.

Oxxowin Login

Step 2: Enter the mobile number that you entered during registration.

Step 3: Enter the registered password.

Step 4: Click on the login button.

You have successfully logged in to the Oxxowin Apk.

How To Play The Most Popular Parity Game:

In this game, you can earn a lot of money by predicting the colour of the app. In this game, first of all, you have to select one colour from three colours violet, green and red. After that, you have to select a colour and bet the amount as real cash on that colour. If your selected colour is correct then you will get reward money In this game you have to select the colour-wise number between 0-9 letters and bet on it.

Oxxowin Colour Prediction Game

After the bet is OK, the result of the number that comes after the time is over, if your sucked number is the same, then you will win the game. And if your selected number is not right then you will lose the game and again bet on another number. Similarly, you can enjoy this game continuously.

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How To Recharge Your Oxxowin Apk Account:

1: First of all, open the app and log in to your Oxxowin apk.

2:Then go to my account.

3: At the top left side you will see the Recharge button.

4:Click the recharge button which is visible to you.

 5: After that enter the amount you want to recharge.

6: You can recharge by entering your UPI id and bank account details.

Oxxowin Register

7: After this, you will see the recharge button at the bottom, click on it.

8: Within a few seconds, the amount you have recharged will be added to your Oxxowin app account.

Your Oxxowin account has been successfully Recharged.

How To Invite In The Oxxowin Apk:

Inside the Oxxowin app, you can invite your friends and family.

So that you get every invitation bonus reward. In this app, you can get a bonus by sharing your invite link with your family and friends. Along with the invite link inside the Oxxowin app, you also get an envelope in which you get a 20% rebate offer. And to get this envelope, you are also promoted to the official telegram channel of the Oxxowin app, which you can earn by daily check-in. In this, you can get level 1, level 2, level 3, and level 4 bonuses. In which you get different % bonuses at every level. Inside the 4levels agency system, you are given a commission on every level, which you can use in its gaming.

Oxxowin Recommendation Code

How To Withdraw Your Winning Amount In The Oxxowin App:

1: First of all, open the Oxxowin app and log in to it.

2: After that go to your profile in the app.

3: After coming to the profile section, you will see the option of left-side withdrawal on the top.

4: Click on the withdraw option.

5: Now this type of interface will appear in front of you.

Oxxowin Withdrawal

6: Enter the Ammon you want to Withdraw.

7: After that, below you will see the Withdrawal button.

8:Click on it. Your withdrawn money will be credited to your bank account in a few seconds.

Your Withdrawal request has been done successfully.


So friends, in this article I have told you about the entire process of Oxxowin Apk. You download it and can enjoy great games and make great earnings. Add more people with its referral program and start playing the best games in the apk. Apart from this, if you want any other information, then you can ask in the comment box below.

Thank You.

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