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Do you want to play unique money-making games? If yes, Yoswin will be the suitable platform for you to play money-making games. Since you can play five unique games on the Yoswin app, you will stay entertained every time in the Yoswin app. 

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Available Games On The Yoswin App

The Yoswin app has five available games in total. These Yoswin games are money-making games and are quite unique from each other. In concisely, Yoswin games are betting games, so playing these money-making games will contain risks every time you play them. 

Yoswin App

So, these are the five games of the Yoswin app. 

  1. Crash
  2. Andar Bahar
  3. Parity
  4. Wheel
  5. Mine

1. Crash – Crash is the most popular game in the Yoswin app, and in the beginning phase of the Yoswin app, Crash game was the only available game of the app.

The Crash game in the Yoswin app is quite different from other Crash games on the internet because the multiplier in the Yoswin Crash game can go up to 100X. 

2. Andar Bahar – Andar Bahar is the one and only card game of the Yoswin app that you can play to make money. There are some additional side bets available on the Yoswin’s Andar Bahar game, which can multiply your money even more. 

3. Parity – Parity is the trending game of the Yoswin app, which is a version of a popular money-making colour prediction game.

4. Wheel – The Wheel is another money-making game of the Yoswin app where you can bet on colours and on which colour the Wheel stops will win the game. 

5. Mine – Mine is the newly introduced money-making game in the Yoswin app. The Mine is also a betting game where you have to select the mode before starting the game. 

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