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Supwin is one of the best entertaining apps to earn real money by playing the colour prediction game. The most popular feature of the Supwin app is its bonuses because the Supwin app offers several bonuses, which makes the app unique from other apps.

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What Bonuses Are Available On The Supwin App?

On the Supwin app, there are several bonuses available. Some of the bonuses can be get by inviting people, and some bonuses can only get by recharging on the Supwin app. 

So, here are the bonuses available on the Supwin app. 

Supwin App

1. Continous Sign-In Bonus – The Supwin app continuous bonus is only given to the Supwin users who have recharged in the Supwin app. So, if you haven’t recharged in the Supwin app, you will not get the continuous sign-in bonus. 

With the continuous sign-in bonus, you can get a daily predefined bonus just by logging into the Supwin app.

2. Lifetime Bonus – The lifetime bonus in the Supwin app is a free bonus, and it does require you to recharge the Supwin app. However, you have to complete tasks in the Supwin app to get the Lifetime bonus. 

So, when you start completing tasks, you will start getting this bonus in the Supwin app. 

3. Crore Agent Growth Bonus – The crore agent growth bonus is only given to the agents of the Supwin app. So, to get the crore agent growth bonus, you have to invite people to the Supwin app. 

The Supwin crore agent growth plan has 8 levels, and after completing every level, you will receive a predefined bonus on the Supwin app. So, the crore agent growth bonus is also a good bonus that you can get on the Supwin app. 

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