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SupWin App is an entertaining mobile game app in which you can make colour predictions and win money. This app is a completely online gaming platform that gives players a chance to play multiple colour prediction games on a daily basis. You can register and play by downloading the app to your smartphone. In this, you can make big and small predictions based on your colour prediction and if your prediction is correct then you can win the establishment amount. Along with this, the app also has a referral program, daily bonus and other bonus features which will make you more fun and attractive.

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Follow these steps to know about Daily Bonus in SupWin App:

 1. Open SupWin App: Open SupWin App on your device.  

 2. Login to your account: Log in to your account using your username and password.

Supwin APK

 3. Find the Daily Bonus option: Go to the main menu of the SupWin App and find an option like Daily Bonus.

 4. Get a Daily Bonus: You need to log in to the app at the particular time given for your account to get a daily bonus. If you log in at that time, you will get the daily bonus added to your account.

Follow these steps to Download SupWin App to your mobile device:

1.First of all, open the Play Store on your mobile device.

2. In the Application Store, type SupWin App in the search bar and press the Search button.

3. SupWin App will appear in the search result. Select it and go to the Apps page.

4. On the app page, tap the Install button.

5. Give permission to download the app on your device and complete the process.

6. When the download and installation are complete, the SupWin Game App will be successfully installed on your device.

Please follow the following steps to Register in SupWin App:

Supwin App

1.Find Sapwin in All Apps and select the app.

2. Download and install the app.

3. After successful installation, open the Sapwin app.

4. You must register to play Sapwin. On the registration page, you need to enter your name, email id, password, and other required information.

5. After the registration is complete, you will receive a verification link or code on your email ID. Verify it and activate your account.

6. After verification, you can log in to your account to play Sapwin. Enter your registered email id and password and log in.

Follow the steps below to log in to SupWin App:

1.Open the SupWin App on your device.

2. On the login screen, enter your registered mobile number with which you have created the account.

3. Enter the security password that you chose while registering.

4. Tap on the Login button.

5. The mobile number and password you provided will be confirmed, and you will log in to the SupWin App successfully.

Supwin Login

To Recharge in SupWin App follow the following steps:

 1. First of all, open SupWin App and log in to your account.

 2. On the main page of the app, go to the menu and select the option Recharge account.

 3. Now, the recharge page will open in front of you, where you will see a box to enter the recharge amount.

 4. Enter the amount to be recharged.  

 5. After entering the recharge amount, tap on the Recharge button.

 6. You will be directed to complete the recharge process as per your selected payment method. The amount will be deducted from your account and your account will be recharged.

Supwin Register

Follow these steps to Play Games in SupWin App:

1.Open the SupWin App and log in to your account.

2. On the main page of the app, select the Menu or the Games section.

3. Here you will see various games that you can play. Select and open the game you want to play.

4. When the game opens, follow the instructions for that game and start playing. You will be explained the rules of the game, the objective and the process of playing.

5. Experience your game and enjoy the game. You can also get prizes and rewards for the games you win.

6. After the game is finished, you can go back to the main page to play other games or enjoy other features of the SupWin App.

Follow these steps to play the Color Prediction Game in SupWin App:

Step 1. Open the Sapwin app on your device and log in to your account.

Step 2. After logging in to the app, select the appropriate option to open the game lobby.

Step 3. In the game lobby, you need to select a game called Color Prediction. Select it and go to the game page.

Step 4. Once you reach the “Color Prediction” game page, you will see an internal game board and control panel.

Step 5. You will see different coloured buttons on the game board in this game. You have to predict what will be the colour of the next chart on the game board. You choose one of the buttons below the colour and wait.

Step 6. When you select the button, the colour of the chart will appear on the game board. When the colour of the button you select matches the chart, you will be awarded points for accurate predictions.

Step 7. You will be awarded points for accurate predictions, and if you were correct in most of the predictions, you can win various prize.

Supwin App Download

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For how to earn money without investment in SupWin App, follow the following steps:

 1. Refer & Earn: By using Refer & Earn in the SupWin App you can earn money. Invite your friends, family members and others to download and register the app using your invite code. When someone downloads and uses the app using your invite code, you will get rewarded.

 2. Daily Bonus: SupWin App may feature Daily Bonuses or Daily Rewards. You can get a bonus with money for using the app regularly. You will get rewards daily or at the specified period as per the terms and conditions of the app.

 3. Contests and Wins: In the SupWin App you can also earn money by playing contests. Various contests and tournaments are organized in the app, where you get a chance to showcase your own art and skills. By winning these contests, you can win prizes and money.

 4. Review and Contact: Some apps also give you a chance to write a review and share their contact details. You can also earn money by sharing your experiences and giving your opinion by contacting.

Follow these steps to Withdraw money in SupWin App:

 1. Open SupWin App and login to your account.

 2. On the main page of the app select the Withdraw option.

 3. Here you will be shown the options available for withdrawal. Choose the mode of withdrawal you want, such as Bank Transfer, Paytm, UPI and other digital delivery platforms.

 4. After providing all the required information, submit the withdrawal request. Your request will be processed and your amount will be transferred as per your selected mode.

 5. After your amount is transferred successfully, you will receive the money in your account.

Supwin Withdrawal


Therefore, SupWin App is an entertainment platform that offers colour prediction games and gives you an opportunity to earn money in various ways. You can download and register this app and use it by login to your account. The app has various games and contests that you can play and win money. You also get Refer and Earn facility, Daily Bonus and Withdrawal options. But please note that you have to follow the terms and conditions of the app and you may be required to invest in order to earn money. Make sure you refer to the app’s website or user guide for more details.


Play all of these games in SupWin App at your own Risk and Money. We are not responsible for any financial loses. Thank You.

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