Mantrimall App Download | Win Up To ₹1000 In Mantrigame APK

Mantrimall App Game is a mobile game that offers a collection of a variety of games. This app lets you enjoy colour prediction games and many more. You can download and play the Mantrimall app on your mobile or tablet. Also, you can increase your score, get rewards and compete with your friends. You also get the opportunity to earn through a referral program. Mantrimall app, you get enjoyable gameplay, entertainment and profit.


Some of the main reasons why we should choose the Mantrimall game app:

 1. Variety and interesting games: The Mantrimall game app includes a variety of games that involve skill and fun gameplay. Here you get a chance to play colour prediction, ten patti, and other types of games.

 2. Earn Real Money: Through the Mantrimall game app you can earn real money. You can earn cash amount by winning games and through a referral scheme, which you can withdraw to your bank account.

 3. SAFE & RELIABLE: The Mantrimall game app is a secure and reliable platform that prioritizes the security of your personal information. It provides a high level of data security and privacy protection.

 4. User Support: In the Mantrimall game app you get support from user support. You can contact the support centre or use the built-in features of the app that will help you solve your problems.

Follow the steps below to Download in the Mantrimall App:

1. Open the App Store of your Android or iOS device.

 2. Write Mantrimall App in the store’s search bar and press Enter or the Search button.

 3. Now search for the Mantrimall app and select it.

 4. The page of the app will open where you will see the Download button.

 5. Click on the Download button.

 6. Let the app install and download on your device.

 7. After the installation is complete, the app will be available on your device.

 8. Open the Mantrimall app and log in to your account or create a new account if you haven’t already.

Follow the steps below to Register in the Mantrimall app:

1.Open the Mantrimall game app .

2. Click on Register option for registration.

3. Enter your mobile number.

4. Choose a password and confirm it.

5. Enter the verification code for security that you will see.

6. After completing the details, click on the Register button.

7. Your account will be successfully registered.

8. Now you can login to Mantrimall game app with your new account and start playing.

Mantrimall App

Follow the steps below to log in to the Mantrimall game app:

1. Open the Mantrimall game app on your device.

Mantrimall Login

 2. On the home page of the app, you will see the option Login In. Tap on that option.

 3. Now you have to enter your registered mobile number.

 4. Also enter your password which you have chosen at the time of registration.

 5. Enter the verification code for security that you will see.

 6. Click or tap the Login button.

 7. Your account will be successfully login.

How to play the Color Prediction game in the Mantrimall app:

 1. Open the Mantrimall game app on your device.

Mantrimall App Download

 2. log in to your account if you already have an account, or create a new account if you do not already have one.

 3. Go to the main menu and select the game option Colour Prediction.

 4. Click the Start button to start the game.

 5. Various options will be displayed for you to select a colour. 

 6. You have to select a colour based on your guess. To do this click on the color option.

 7. After clicking on the selected colour, you will need to enter your bet amount. This is the specific rupee amount that you are putting on this bet.

 8. After entering the stake amount, you will receive the result notification of the stake containing your the accuracy of the guess and the winning colour will be mentioned.

 9. If your guess is correct, you win the bet and receive your amount in your account.

 10. You can play again and participate in new bets or withdraw funds from your account.

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Follow the following steps to Recharge the Mantrimall app:

1. First, open the Mantrimall app on your mobile device and log in.

2. Go to the home screen of the app and find the option for your account. Generally, it can be a Recharge button.

3. Select the Recharge option.

Mantrimall Recharge

4. Now, you need to select the appropriate option for your recharge. You can have several options, such as credit or debit cards, net banking, or mobile wallets.

5. After making your selection, enter your recharge amount.

6. Thereafter, you will receive advanced guidance to complete the payment process. You may need to verify your details, and after providing the correct information, your recharge will be completed successfully.

Refer And Earn:

1. First of all, open the app or service on your mobile device that has the Refer & Earn option.

2. Go to the home screen of the app and find the option for your account. Typically, this can be a Invite Friends button.

3. Select the Refer and Earn or Invite Friends option.

4. Now, you will have a special referral link available to share. This link can be shared with your friends and family, who will use that app to download and sign-up.

5. When your friend or family member downloads and signs up for that app and uses the referral link, the bonus amount will be credited to your account or wallet.

6. In addition, you can also refer friends and family to the app using the referral code provided to you. They will sign-up using this code in the app and you will get the bonus.

How to Withdraw your winning amount in mantrimall apk:

 1. Open the Mantrimall game app on your device.

Mantrimall Withdrawal

 2. Go to Withdrawals in the game menu.

 3. Tap on the Withdraw option.

 4. You will need to select the appropriate options, such as a bank account, wallet to withdraw funds.

 5. Enter your financial information, such as bank account details,and password or other verification details.

 6. Enter the withdrawal amount and other required details.

 7. Follow the instructions for the regulated process of withdrawal and verify the required details.

 8. Withdrawal request will be submitted successfully.


Play all of these games in mantrimall app at your own Risk and Money.

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