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TC Lottery App is a mobile application that provides the facility to play colour prediction games online. TC Lottery app used for playing and allows users to enjoy competitive colour prediction games on a trading platform.

TC Lottery

TC Lottery app also provides Refer & Earn offers through which users can earn by inviting their friends to the app.

Safe And Secure:

1. Download apps only from your qualified and trusted sources. You should download the TC Lottery app from the official App Store.

2. Share only your personal and confidential information. Never share your password, personal details or financial information with others.

3. Use a strong password and change it at regular intervals. To protect your account choose a password that is secure and not easily allowed by other people.

4. Keep gambling planted and play carefully. Gambling should be for fun only and you should play responsibly. Keep in mind your financial limits and follow the maximum limits in gambling.

5. Keep an eye out for updates and security notifications. Always update to the latest version of the app so that you can stay safe and secure.

Follow the steps below to Download the TC Lottery Color Prediction app:

1. First of all, open the App Store of your mobile device. 

 2. Type TC Lottery App in the search bar in the App Store.

 3. After searching, the TC Lottery app will appear in the list. Select it.

 4. The page of the app will open. There you will see the button Download. Select it.

 5. Wait for the download to complete.

 6. After the application is successfully downloaded, open the app and sign up in the app with your registration or login details.

Follow the steps below to Register in the TC Lottery Colour Prediction app:

1. Download the app on your device.

 2. Open the app and go to the user login page.

Tc lottery app

 3. On the login page, look for an option like Register New Account. Select it.

 4. You will need to fill in the information on the registration form. This information may include your name,mobile number, password etc.

 5. After filling all the required information, press a button like Register.

 6. Your account will be successfully registered. Now you can login with your registered account in this app.

Follow the following steps to Login to the TC Lottery Color Prediction app:

1. Open the app that you have installed on your mobile device.

tc lottery login

 2. Go to the login page. Here you will find a place to enter the username and password.

 3. Enter your username.

 4. Enter your password.

 5. Press a button like a Login.

 6. If the username and password provided by you are correct, you will be logged in successfully.

Follow the following steps to Recharge in the TC Lottery Color Prediction app:

 1. Open the app that you have installed on your mobile device.

 2. log in to your account or register if you have already created an account.

 3. Find the option for recharge in the app or go to the Recharge tab.

 4. Tap on the Recharge option and enter the Amount you want to recharge.

 5. Select the payment method, such as Debit/Credit Card, Net Banking, or other available options.

 6. Enter and confirm your payment information.

 7. After successful completion of payment, your account will be recharged and you will be able to use it in the TC Lottery Color Prediction game.

Check It:

Refer And Earn:

 1. Open the app that you have installed on your mobile device.

 2. log in to your account, if you have already created one.

 3. Find or find the Refer and Earn option in the menu.

 4. You will see this referral code CIK91441823 which you can share with others.

 5. Share the referral code or referral link with your friends, family members or others.

 6. When someone downloads and registers the app using your referral code or link, and they start using the app, you may receive some additional income as a reward.

 7. Reward details and terms will be available in the Refer and Earn section of the App. 

 8. You can participate in games or make withdrawals using your referral rewards.

Following are some of the steps that can be followed to earn money in TC Lottery game app:

 1. Download the App: First download the TC Lottery game app on your mobile device. You can download it by visiting the App Store or from the official website of the app.

 2. Register: Open the app and complete the registration process. Fill in your details, email id and password and create an account.

 3. Deposit Money: Deposit money into your account. You can have various payment options such as debit/credit cards, net banking, or digital wallets.

 4. Play & Win: Play the game and make predictions based on the colours. You will get the option to play in different time frames, such as 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Choose the colour based on your strategic and win money.

 5. Referral Program: Take advantage of the Refer & Earn program in the app.

  Tell your friends and family about the app and refer them. When they register in the app and play games, they will get rewards.

 6. Withdraw: Once you have the winning money, you can request a withdrawal. Follow the specified rules and procedures of the app and withdraw your money to your bank account.

How To Withdraw money In TC Lottery Apk:

 1. Open the app that you have installed on your mobile device.

 2. log in to your account, if you have already created one.

 3. Find and select the Withdraw option in the app.

 4. You may be shown various options for withdrawing funds, such as Bank Transfer, UPI, Paytm etc.

 5. Select the option and enter the withdrawal amount you wish to withdraw.

 6. You may need to enter your bank account etc to process your withdrawal.

 7. After completing the required information, confirm the withdrawal process.

 8. Once the withdrawal is successfully received, the money will be credited to your bank account.


Our conclusion about TC Lottery App is that it is an online colour prediction game in which you can win money by making predictions based on colours. By downloading this app you can register and play by depositing money in your account. You also get the option of playing in different time frames, giving you more time to think and be patient.

Also, you can earn rewards by sharing about the app with your friends and family. For withdrawal In TC Lottery App you have to follow the specified process and the money will be credited to your bank account.

TC Lottery App can be an exciting entertainment option for you but please note that it can have an element of gambling and you should play responsibly. So keep your financial limits in mind.


Play all of these games in TC lottery Apk at your own Risk and Money. THANK YOU:

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