App NameFiewin App
Register Bonus₹10
FeaturesTransparent Platform
APK Size5 MB
APK Version6.4 (Latest)

The Fiewin app is the most used prediction-based gaming app and a trusted one. The Fiewin is the app that has introduced the popular colour prediction game on the internet. 

Despite that, on 3 June 2023, Fiewin, the most popular gaming app, stopped working, and many users suffered a heavy loss, and all the trust in the Fiewin app was in vain. So, from now on, the Fiewin app has stopped working, but the great news is that there are some other apps that provide the same games as the Fiewin app and are more trusted than Fiewin. 

These trusted prediction-based gaming apps are Fastwin, Big Daddy Game and Daman Games.