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Hello my dear gaming friends, today we talked about the new colour prediction gaming app whose name is Dream 99. Dream 99 app is one of the Indian famous colour prediction gaming apps. You are going to get the 29 best online lottery or casino games in the Dream 99 app.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about the daily check-in bonus of this app. There are many activities available for you to earn in the Dream 99 app, information about which we will give you in today’s article. So read this article well without missing any steps.  

Dream 99

Daily Check-In Bonus In The Dream 99 App:

When you log in to this app, all the new features of this apk will be unlocked. One of which is the feature of daily check-in. In which you will get a bonus reward of up to Rs 5000.

Dream 99 Login

Firstly check-in, you are going to get a bonus of Rs 100 in this app. And your first login bonus of Rs 251 will be given to you in this apk. In the daily check-in box, you will have to unlock the boxes from day one to day seven.

In which you will get a real cash bonus reward of up to Rs 5k from day one to day seven. You will have to continue these activities for seven consecutive days. In which you will get all these bonus rewards. All bonus boxes will be unlocked.  

All Earning Activities In Dream 99 APK:

1: Telegram Join Official of dream 99 apk.  

2: Post video content on YouTube.  

3: Big deposits get big bonus rewards.  

4: dream99 welcome bonus. 

Dream 99 App

You are going to earn a lot from all these activities. By joining the official telegram of this app, you will keep getting information about the new bonuses and activities of this app. In this way, the bigger the amount you recharge within this app, the bigger the rewards you will get in this app.

You are going to get an awesome bonus of rewards for posting videos of this apk on YouTube. You will get the biggest bonus rewards in this app’s Dream99 welcome bonus. The app which will be given to you at the time of registering in this apk will be added to your wallet of this apk. Which you can use any time in your favourite game.

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In today’s article, you have been told about the earnings from all the activities in the Dream 99 app. Whatever investment you make in this app, you will do it on your risk-reward ratio. We have no responsibility for any of your loss or profit.

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