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Hey Guys, Today We Talk about a New App ColorWiz App. ColorWiz App is an entertaining mobile application that provides riddles, challenges and games related to colours. This game is designed to test the colour knowledge of the users. Colorwiz app has various challenges and levels, to complete this you have to identify the colours, match them and solve the related action or puzzle. ColorWiz app improves your psychological ability by playing with colours and gives you an enjoyable playing experience.

Colorwiz app download
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Why we choose Colorwiz Game App:

1. Entertainment: Colorwiz game app provides various entertaining games. These games are based on colours, puzzles, and psychological skills so that we can pass our time while playing.

 2. Free Download: The Colorwiz Game App can be downloaded for free and the app can be used without any charges. It allows you to easily install and play the game on your device.

 3. Money-making facility: In the Colorwiz game app you get an opportunity to earn money. You can earn points and engagements by playing games and if you have the engagements you get, you can withdraw it to a bank account. It lets you have fun as well as earn extra income while playing the game.

 4. Help and Support: The Colorwiz game app gives you access to help and support. If you face any problem, you can contact the helpline or support section of the app and get your problem resolved

Follow these steps to Download the Colorwiz Game App:

Step 1. Go to the official App Store of your Android smartphone.

 Step 2. Type Colorwiz game in the App Store’s search bar and tap the Search button.

Step  3. After format, you will see the result of the Colorwiz app. 

Step  4. On the home page of the app, there will be an Install button. Select it and complete the download process.

 Step 5. When the Download is complete, the app will be installed on your smartphone.  

Follow the steps below to Register in the Colorwiz Game App:

1. Open the Colorwiz app on your device.  

 2. Select Register  New Account. Once the app opens, you will see an option like Register New Account. Select it.

Colorwiz App download

 3. You will be asked about the required details like username, password, and other details. Fill in all this information correctly.

 4. A verification code will be sent to the email ID provided by you. Check it out and enter it in the app.

 5. After entering the verification code, your registration process will be completed. Log in to the app and start playing.

Follow the steps below to login to the Colorwiz Apk:

1. Open the Colorwiz App on your device. 

Colorwiz Login

 2. Once the app opens, you will see an option like Login

    Select it.

 3. You will be asked to enter your registered mobile no. and password. Enter the correct details.

 4. After entering the correct mobile no. and password, tap on the Login button.

 5. If you have entered the correct details, you will be successfully login into the Colorwiz Game App. Now you can play using the app and enjoy all its features.

How to play the Colorwiz game:

1. Launch the game: Open the Colorwiz game app on your device.

Colorwiz App Download

 2. Login: Login to your account, and enter your username and password.

 3. Select the game: Select the appropriate game from the main menu. Various games can be available in the ColorWiz game app, such as puzzles, colour tiles, colour balls, etc.

 4. Understand the rules: Read and understand the rules of the chosen game. It will tell you about the objective of the game, the controls, and how to play it.

 5. Play the game: After you understand the rules, you can play the game to enjoy. 

 6. Get Points and Scores: When you play the game, you will get points and scores. This will track your progress and results.

 7. Make records: In some games, you can take up the challenge of making your own records and try to get more high scores.

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Methods to Earn Money in Colorwiz app:

1. Refer & Earn: Invite your friends and family to Colorwiz App and share your referral code. When they register in the app using your referral code, then you will get points and you can earn money.

 2. Daily Events and Prizes: Daily Events and Prizes are organized regularly in the Colorwiz app. By participating in these and performing well in the games, you can win prizes and earn engagement.

 3. Withdraw money after playing the game: In some ColorWiz games, you can earn money when you play the game and do well. You can withdraw your received to your bank account.

How To Add Money in Colorwiz Game App:

1. Open the Colorwiz app on your device.  

 2. log in to your account, and enter your username and password.

 3. There may be an option for Recharge in the menu of the app, select it.

 4. You can see various options to transfer your recharge such as Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, or other options. Complete the transfer process as per your choice.

 5. If you have successfully completed the recharge process, your account will be recharged. Now recharge amount will be available in your account and you can enjoy the game.

Colorwiz APK

Refer And Earn:

 1. Open the Colorwiz app on your device.

 2. Login to your account, and enter your username and password.

 3. Select Refer & Earn.

 4. You will see your referral code which you can share with your friends or family.  

 5. When your friend registers in Colorwiz Game App using your referral code, then you can get a bonus under your referral program.

 6. When your friend plays in the Colorwiz game app and fulfils the conditions of your referral program, then your earning will be credited to your account.

How To Withdraw Your Winning amount :

 1. log in to the Colorwiz app.

 2. In the Account option, there may be an option for Withdrawal. Select it and go to the next page.

 3. Once selected, enter your payment details like your bank account or Paytm number.

 4. After providing the correct details, submit your Withdrawal request. Your Withdrawal request will be processed and if all the information is correct, your funds will be withdrawn through the method you specified.

Colorwiz Withdraw


ColorWiz Game App is an entertaining game app that offers various colour and puzzle-based games. Through this app, you can increase your confidence and develop mental abilities by playing with colours. Apart from this, this app also has Refer & Earn option through which you can earn points or rewards by inviting your friends to the app. Also, you can withdraw the money earned from playing the game to a bank account when you want to stop playing.


Play all of these games in Colorwiz App at your own Risk and Money.

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