Vclub App Download | Refer & Earn Up To ₹1000 In APK

Hello friends, Today I am telling you about a new game app which is very fun called VClub.

VClub app is an online game app called “Color Prediction Game App” where users can predict colours and earn money in no time. In this game, you have to choose one colour from different colours and guess within the given time. If your prediction is correct, you receive the money you won in the VClub app. This game provides users with a fun option to entertain as well as earn emergency money.


To get free rewards every day in VClub :

1. Open the VClub game app on your mobile device.

 2. Log in to your account, using your credentials.

Vclub APK

 3. Find the Daily Rewards section within the app or any other option where you will get daily rewards. 

 4. In this section, you have to choose an option for the given daily rewards.

 5. Avail daily rewards through the selected option. 

Follow these steps to Download the VClub game app:

1. Open the App Store on your mobile device.

2. Type “VClub” in the search box and tap the Search button.

3. In the search result, find and select VClub Game app.

4. Go to the detailed page of the game app and click on the download button.

5. Wait for the app to download on your device.

6. After the download is complete, install the VClub Game app on your device.

Follow these steps to Register in the VClub game app:

1. Open the VClub Games app.

2. You need to choose the Sign Up option to reach the registration page.

Vclub app download

 3. You will be required to enter the required information on the registration page like name, mobile number, password, etc. 

 4. Click on the button on the Registration page to confirm the information provided by you.

 5. If you have filled in all required information correctly and account verification is completed, you will be successfully registered in the VClub game app.

Follow these steps to login to VClub game:

1. Open the VClub Games app on your mobile device.

Vclub Login

 2. You will need to select the appropriate option to enter your username and password to reach the login page.

 3. Enter your registered username.

 4. Enter your registered password.

 5. Click on the Login button or select the option to log in.

 6. If you have entered the correct username and password, you will be successfully logged in to the VClub game.

To do Recharge in VClub game App, follow these steps:

1. Open the VClub game app on your mobile device.

Vclub Register

 2 Login to your account if you have already created one.

 3. Search for the Recharge option within the VClub game app. 

 4. Select the amount you want to recharge. It may have various recharge plans and options.

 5. Pay the selected recharge amount. Here you may need to provide user details, payment method and other necessary details.

 6. On successful recharge, the recharged amount will be added to your account.

 You can use this recharge amount to play Vclub games and enjoy more games and features.

Follow these steps to play Color prediction game in VClub game:

Step 1.Open the VClub Games app on your device.

Step 2. Enter your username and password to log into your account.

Step 3. Inside the VClub Games app, view the list of games and select Color Prediction Game.

Step 4. During the specified time or game, you have to guess a colour. Usually, you will get a chance to choose from different colours like red, green, blue, yellow etc.

Step 5. Based on the forecast, place a bet in the market. This will tell you how accurate your forecast can be.

Step 6 . After the specified time or duration, wait for the result.

Step 7 . If your prediction is correct, you will see the amount received. It will be added to your account.

Vclub Colour Prediction Game

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Follow these steps for how to refer and earn in VClub game app:

Step1. Login to your account, if you have already created an account.

Step2. Go to your Profile or Settings within the VClub Games app.

Step 3. You will get the option to find your referral code.

Step 4. Refer your friends and family members to the game app. You can use your referral code, share link or referral option.

Step 5. When your referral friend signs up in the game app and uses your referral code or link, you will receive the referral bonus.

Step 6. You can use your referral bonus to have more fun in VClub games.

To Withdraw Money from VClub game app:

 1. Open the VClub Games app. 

 2. Log in to your account, using your username and password.

 3. Go to your Profile or Settings section within the VClub game app.

 4. In the settings section you will find the option Withdrawal Select it.

 5. You need to select the withdrawal method of your choice. Typically, you will get to choose from various options, such as bank transfer, Paytm, or other delivery platforms.

 6. You need to enter the amount to withdraw. This will be the amount you want to withdraw from your account.

 7. Confirm your withdrawal request by clicking on the Confirm button.

 8. Wait for your withdrawal process to complete. This may take some time, depending on your bank account or the withdrawal method selected.

Vclub App Review

Hence, you can download the Vclub app to play entertaining games and earn money. In addition, the Vclub app also has a “Refer and Earn” feature through which you can earn bonuses by referring your friends to the app. So download the Vclub app and try it on your own to earn money online.


Play all of these games in Vclub App At your own Risk and Money.

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