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Goa Games is a very much under-appreciated gaming app. The Goa Games is a decent gaming website that has been running for a year. The Goa Games app has very highly rated games. Also, if you go through the Activity page of the Goa Games app, you will find a lot of promotions of the Goa Games app. 

Goa Games
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What Are The Promotions Available In Goa Games App?

The Goa Games has a lot of promotions available, and all of them are available on the Activity page of the Goa Games app. So, go through the Activity page and get all the promotions in the Goa Games app. 

Goa Games app

1. Agent Luxury Rewards – The Goa Games app has an Agent Luxury Rewards promotion, and it is the biggest promotion of the Goa Games app because the Agent Luxury Rewards first prize is ₹55,00,000.

To get the Agent Luxury Rewards, you have to become the Goa Games invite agent and meet the requirements in the given period. As you follow the rules and become eligible, you can contact the Goa Games teacher to get the Agent Luxury Rewards. 

2. YouTube Creative Video – The name pretty much clears what is YouTube Creative Video. So, to get the YouTube Creative Video reward, you have to make a video about the Goa Game on YouTube. 

So, you will get the Youtube Creative Video reward as your Youtube video starts getting views, and after 1 lakh+ views, you will get ₹25,000.  

3. Daily Rebate – The Daily Rebate reward is for the betting players of the Goa Games app. Those who play betting games on the Goa Games app can get a 0.3% Daily Rebate bonus.

So, if you bet ₹1,00,000, you will get ₹3000 as a Daily Rebate bonus on the next day. 

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