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Hello my dear and lovely friends today we talk about the most popular and earning app which name is Tradex App. You can earn lakhs by trading the app according to your experience. In this app, you can earn by investing in Forex, commodities etc.

Bitcoin is a very popular coin in which you can earn by trading and investing which is present inside the Tradex app. And commodity can invest in Gold, Silver etc. Inside the Tradex app, you get refer option in which you get 25% cashback on a trading fee.

Or by sending your referral code link to your friends, your friend will get an instant signup bonus of ₹ 10. You also get 10% cash back in the Tradex app if you add money to a wallet of the Mobikwik app.

After processing your complete login in the Tardex app, you have to complete the KYC only then you can trade and add funds. I will tell you all about this process in this article, and how you can enjoy step wise facility of the Tradex app.

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How To Download The Tradex App:

Step 1:First of all go to the Play Store of your Android device.

Step 2:Now you can search the Tardex App, keep in mind that you have to search the app with the same logo which you see above.

Step 3:After that click on the logo with Tardex.

Step 4:Now there will be an install button in front of you, click on it.

Step 5:The Tradex app will be downloaded to your Android device within a few minutes depending on your internet connection.

Step 6:After that install the Tradex app on your device.

Step 7:Now you have successfully downloaded the Tradex App on your Android device.

How To Register On The Tradex App:

1: First of all open the Tradex app on your Android device.

2: Click on the Register button. Firstly this will be your demo account whenever you want to convert it to a real account because you can change it after completing the KYC.

TradeX App

3: Write your name first.

4: Then write your last name.

5: Select your username.

6: Now keep your strong password which you will remember while opening the Tardex app.

7: Write your email id.

8: Enter your mobile number which is currently running on your mobile phone.

9: Now Add your deposit money.

10: Click on the last button to register a demo account.

You have successfully registered on Tradex App.

How To Login On The Tradex App:

1: Open your Tradex app.

2: Click on the login button.

3: Now enter your username which was entered during your registration.

4: After that enter your password in the app which was entered during registration.

5: Click on the login button.

6: You are now successfully logged into the Tradex App.

How To Earn With Trade In The Tradex App:

In this, you get many options for trading.

You can win by placing a bet in sports, in which you get two options of yes and no. You have to select an option, if your bet is correct then you will win the amount of money you had placed.

Tradex APK

You can create your positions and trade in Bitcoin, ETH, and Matic in the Tradex app.

 In this, you have to consider the graphs, in which you have to bet on the up and down graphs according to your prediction.

 If your prediction about the result coming after 1 minute time frame is correct then you will win the money.

Similarly, you can invest in commodities also.

In this, you can select long-term stocks and add them to your portfolio and see them every day.

And when you get profit you can come out and select new stocks and invest in them.

In Tradex app, you can buy the best coin of crypto and earn by trading in it every day.

In the Tradex app, you can also trade in the BTC Live program, in which you can place orders according to the live rate value of your Coin.

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How To Add Fund And Withdraw Also:

1: First you open the Tradex app.

2: Now go to the wallet option.

Tradex App Download

3: Click on add fund button.

4:Give as much money as you want to add.

5: If you have any promo code please enter it.

6:Must note one thing if you add funds from Mobikwik wallet to your Tradex app account then you get a 10% money cash back offer

You are given a code from Mobikwik that only two users can use. This is applicable on a minimum ₹1499 transaction or is valid till 31 Aug 2023.

7: Now you have to select your payment method, you can do it like Visa Mastercard, Rupay, or Netbanking.

8: Last you click on add money to account.

Money has been successfully added to your Tradex Wallet.

Withdraw Funds:

To withdraw money, you have to go to the wallet option.

Tradex Login

Click on withdraw funds. Withdrawal amount will be processed there and your money will be withdrawn in whatever bank account you have withdrawn.

One thing must be kept in mind to withdraw funds, you must first complete your Tardex app KYC.

Refer And Earn:

You can also Refer and Earn option in the Tradex app let me tell you how.

Tradex Refer & Earn

You will get 25% cashback on trading fees paid by your friend through refer and earn option. or your friend will get ₹ 10 sign-up bonus. By sharing the link, the image is visible at your bottom. The referral amount which is processed every day is 6 am daily. You can invite your friends and family with your referral code from which you will get a bonus which you can use in your trading time.


I would like to tell everyone that Tradex is a great app for trading and financial investing. Which you can earn every day. I have told everything about this app in this article. If still you want some more information then you can ask in the comment box below.

Thank You

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