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Hello, my lovely and dear friends today we talked about the most popular online gaming app which name is the Teen Patti VIP app. There are many online games available in the Teen Patti VIP app which are enough for your entertainment. Among many online games, we are going to tell you about our most popular online 3-card poker game in today’s article. Or how can you make such good earnings?

There are many fake apps available in today’s market which waste both your valuable money and time. But the Teen Patti VIP app is a genuine safe and secure app. Don’t worry about it. This apk has many features for earning. Like daily check-in, daily bonus reward results, first registration bonus, refer and earn, you can do a lot of earning through the Teen Patti VIP app. I will tell you how much money is made from daily check-in. Or I am going to tell you about whether your proof is real or fake.

Teen Patti Vip

As soon as you update the new version of this APK, your gaming screening will become better. You will get the chance to play your ads-free gaming without any disturbance while playing your games. Haina cool. You can join their telegram channel for 19 rupees. The best benefit of joining is that you will get the benefits of earning from daily new themes.

If you take a membership in the Teen Patti VIP app then you will be given a reward bonus after every month’s lucky draw. Your extra rebate commission is also given in this apk. So read this article well, later we will talk about it in detail.

To download the Teen Patti Vip App, click on the link given below.

How To Play 3 Card Poker Game In Teen Patti Vip Apk:

Step 1: First of all, register in the Teen Patti VIP app and log in from mobile.

Step 2: After coming to the home page of this apk, select the 3-card poker game.

Step 3: Now this type of page will open in front of you.

Teen Patti Vip APK

Step 4: To join the 3-card poker game you will have to pay an entry fee. Select the entry room as per your wallet balance or leave later.

Step 5: 3 card poker game is played with one deck of 52 cards. 

Step 6: On the table, you will notice that there are four betting sports in the front of the seated positions. 

Step 7: All the right you have a spot for 6 card bonus. In the middle is the betting spot for ante and the spot on the left is the spot for pair+.

Step 8: The game begins when the player places a bet on the ante spot. Which must be equal to the minimum amount indicated for that particular table. 

Step 9: Each player who has placed the ante bet required above shall also have the option to make an additional pair+ wager or a 6-card bonus. 

Step 10: Wager that rewards a bonus payout to the player who received a hand consisting of certain hand combinations listed in the table below. 

Step 11: Once the player finishes the bet, the dealer distributes three cards to the player placing it face up and three cards to the dealer facing down and you can examine only your card.

Similarly, you can finish the 3 card poker game by continuing.

How To Get A Daily Bonus In The Teen Patti Vip App:

Step 1: To get a daily check-in bonus, open the Teen Patti VIP app on your smart device.

Step 2: Your daily check option will appear on the top right-hand side, click on it.

Step 3: This type of page will open in front of you.

Teen Patti Vip App Download

Step 4: Now you will see many boxes which will be there for days and the last box will have a bumper price.

Step 5: As you click on a box every day, you will keep getting a reward bonus.

Step 6: On completion of the last day, you will get a bumper reward bonus which will be very good for your gaming experience.

Keep in mind that if you miss check-in even by one day in 10 days, the whole process will start from the beginning.

In this, you will also get the first registration bonus. As soon as you register in this app, you will get a registration bonus of Rs 300.

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Teen Patti VIP App Is Real Or Fake:

So, guys, we will be very happy to tell you that the Teen Patti VIP app is safe and secure and also a real app. In which you will get 24/7 customer support available whose help you can get at any time. In today’s time, it has become difficult to trust real apps because of the presence of so many fake apps in the market.

This is also true because your money is very precious or your valuable time is most important. Apart from being completely real, this app also calculates your valuable money. You are also given many reward bonuses which you do not find in any other app. The biggest proof that this APK is genuine is that whatever amount you win by playing your favourite game, you can instantly transfer it to your linked bank account.

Teen patti Vip App

There are many online games for your entertainment. You have been given a 100℅ cash-back offer on your first recharge. Monday special bonus is provided in which you are given 70% debate commission. By joining your telegram channel, you can stay updated with the Teen Patti VIP app. You can do live chat with their team members which you cannot get in any other fake app. With this, you will know which app is fake and which is real. So, friends, this much proof is enough for your satisfaction that this app is a genuine real app.

Conclusion Of The Teen Patti Vip App:

In today’s article, we have told you about earning from 3 card poker games. we have told you how you can earn rewards through Daily Bonus. You have been given proof that this app is real. So, I hope you have understood everything well, If you still have any questions then you can ask in the comment box below.

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