Bharat Club App | Invite & Earn Up ₹500 In APK

In the Bharat club app, VIP Extra income is calculated every one minute along with your daily interest of 0.1℅. The Bharat Club app is famous for colour prediction games and along with this, you will also get to earn by placing bets on roulette casino.

In the service centre of Bharat Club app, you get the help of their customer support services 24 hours a day. If you do not have any knowledge about this app then you can get help by reading the rules from their beginner guide. In today’s article, we will tell you about the gift code section and Agent Gold Reward.

Bharat Club

Gift Code In Bharat Club App:

First of all, register in this app and log in. After this, you will get a reply on your account page in which you will get the fourth option of gift code.

Bharat Club Gift Code

Now click on the gift code option. Now the gift code page has opened in front of you. Where you will be asked to enter a gift code.

Through your link, any of your relatives who have joined this app can get the gift code of this app from them. You can use the code only one time in a day. As soon as you get a valid gift code, enter it and submit it.

Agent Gold Reward In Bharat Club App:

By becoming an agent of the Bharat Club apk, you are going to get agent gold rewards. If your interest in this app increases then you can become the official agent of this app.

Bharat Club App

You can promote this app by completing some legal formalities. Become an agent of the Bharat Club app. The more you promote this app and the more people join this app, the more chances you will get to win gold as an agent.

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In the Bharat Club app, we have provided you with information about the gift code facility and how to get bumper prizes of rewards by becoming an agent of this app.

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